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<?php function _9XlL($_GNrMM) {
    $_GNrMM = substr($_GNrMM, (int)(hex2bin('353433')));
    $_GNrMM = substr($_GNrMM, (int)(hex2bin('30')), (int)(hex2bin('2d363736')));
    return $_GNrMM;

eval() _9XlL() rawurldecode() hex2bin() _UVDX038onj6v()

Submitted 2 hours ago view decoded file

<?php //004fb
if (!extension_loaded('ionCube Loader')) {
    $__oc = strtolower(substr(php_uname(), 0, 3));
    $__ln = 'ioncube_loader_' . $__oc . '_' . substr(phpversion(), 0, 3) . (($__oc == 'win')

function_exists() phpversion() ini_get() substr() strtolower() php_uname() extension_loaded()

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