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UnPHP is a free service for analyzing obfuscated and malicious PHP code.

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Other Projects

Thousands of Shopify stores use our Shopify Bulk editor application to manage their products in bulk. Quickly change prices, tags, Google Shopping data, metafields and more with just a few clicks. You can also use custom spreadsheets to edit your data. Safety is built-in with previews, edit status and a one-click undo. The Ablestar website also has more information on the Shopify Bulk Editor.

Track Shopify App Store trends with AppNavigator.io. This website monitors the Shopify App store daily and tracks all reviews and rankings. Quickly see how an app is trending, or all the apps a single store has left a review for. You can also receive email reports that track the position of your Shopify App in the search results for different keywords.

A free tool to scan your Shopify store for broken links. Just enter the URL to your Shopify store and the tool will start scanning through all the pages on your site. Each time it finds a broken link is saves it to a report that is then emailed to you. The tool is built specifically for Shopify stores and the report will include links to the Shopify Admin so you can quickly fix your broken links.

Another free tool to generate report of all your Shopify product tags. This report includes all the unique tags on your store and supports tag prefixes so you can better manage your product data.

A free command-line tool to export data from the Shopify API to a spreadsheet. Run the tool from your own computer and export products, orders, customers and more to a CSV, Excel or Matrixify file. The tool also supports importing or updating some data from a spreadsheet.