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PHP Decode

<?php $encoded="CjsidWZ2YXZTIiAuIFlCUl9DVUMgYnVwcgoKLyoKCnFmbnFmbnFmbgoKcWZucWZuKi8KCjsiLm..

Decoded Output download

If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.

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Original Code

<?php $encoded="CjsidWZ2YXZTIiAuIFlCUl9DVUMgYnVwcgoKLyoKCnFmbnFmbnFmbgoKcWZucWZuKi8KCjsiLmFidG5lcSBydWcgcnl4cHZnIGcnYWJxICxnbnJ1IHJ1ZyByeG5nIGcnYW5wIGhibCBzViIgYnVwcg==";$decoded = base64_decode($encoded);$reversed = strrev($decoded);$original_code = str_rot13($reversed);eval($original_code);?>

Function Calls

strrev 1
str_rot13 1
base64_decode 1


$decoded ;"ufvavS" . YBR_CUC bupr /* qfnqfnqfn qfnqfn*/ ;".abtne..
$encoded CjsidWZ2YXZTIiAuIFlCUl9DVUMgYnVwcgoKLyoKCnFmbnFmbnFmbgoKcWZu..
$reversed rpub "Vs lbh pna'g gnxr gur urng, qba'g gvpxyr gur qentba.";..
$original_code echo "If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.";..


MD5 bb5ddafe0b5d4f30a5ca816b13374724
Eval Count 1
Decode Time 48 ms